Man’s Best Friend – Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Remember that popular phrase from the 80’s s**t happens? Well, if you own a dog, then it does happen, literally. If your dog sleeps inside your home at night, chances are you’ll wake up to a present on your carpet sooner or later. How can you minimize these chances for your beloved animal? While not exhaustive, this list might keep your carpets cleaner, longer:
Keep abreast of changes in your dog’s diet. If you happen to change the kind, brand, or type of food you feed your dog, make sure to monitor your dog closely during the first few days. Most dogs’ digestive systems take a bit of time to adjust to new food, if they need to go more often, make sure they can make it outside beforehand.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom? Don’t forget to let your dog outside for a bit just before you go to sleep. If there is no way for your dog to let itself out during the night, like you, they might have a hard time holding it till sunrise.

Make sure to close all of your bedroom, bathroom, closet doors, any door to a room with carpet in it. Dogs usually have a preferred place to relieve themselves, if you can lockout or confine them to an area without carpet, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Products like “puppy training pads” contain a scent that attracts and encourages dogs to relieve themselves on them. If you’re going to be away from your house for a considerable amount of time, or if you’ve recently changed your dog’s diet, place one (or, a couple if you have a large dog) of these pads down on someplace away from a carpeted area in case your dog can hold it.

Give your dog love. It’s possible your dog might be going in your home to tell you something, “Pay attention to me!” If this is the case, a little love an affection might prevent your dog from trying to get your attention in other, undesirable ways.

It’s probably safe to assume your dog harbors no ill will against your beloved carpet and rugs (although, perhaps your dog does indeed teem with malicious intent), so anything you can do to help him or her will benefit the both of you. Again, with a little bit of foresight on your behalf, you can prevent the kind of accident that wreaks havoc on your carpet.

Tom Schubert

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