Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning method is a very popular cleaning procedure and they are also widely used. This method is preferable than any other solutions. It takes only around one hour to dry the stained stiff after cleansing. This quick drying property of dry cleaning helps to reduce the potential problems that can cause to our materials. These problems include carpet stretching, shrinkage, mold, mildew, etc. By reducing these problems, we can make our environment healthy.

This procedure uses no water to clean the stained materials. This low moisture stain removal technique helps to prevent the spreading of stains. It demands only a small amount of labor power for cleaning the stained stuffs. Encapsulation, bonnet and usage of dry compound are the methods that come under the dry cleaning technique. When we use the encapsulation method, drying time of the residue that used in it will be short. This makes the cleaning attempt to become satisfactory. This dried residue fetches out all the dirt,soil, and micro organisms along with it. Bonnet method uses a club soda mixed with the cleanser to provide a deep cleaning. So it is not a perfect dry cleaning procedure.

The main disadvantage of dry cleansing is that it can remove only small amount of soil when compared to others. It is due to the usage of less quantity of water. Dry cleaning method takes only 3 gallons of water for its stain removal. Sometime, it takes longer time for performance and thus it results in the loss of our money.

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