The Best Thick Rug and Carpet Pad

Rug and carpet pads come in various qualities and thicknesses. I am often asked about the best thick rug pad for area rugs. While there are several pads available in certain carpet stores, for area rugs the pad should be denser than commercial carpeting pad. The thick carpet pad that works best for area rugs is a recycled jute that is almost 1/2 of an inch thick.

For rooms with rugs where you would like to add warmth and extra comfort to the step, a quality recycled felt jute rug pad will make a world of difference. The beauty of this pad is that since it does not contain any chemicals, latex or adhesives, it is safe to use under any type of area rug on any type of floor surface. This jute pad is needle punched together to create a pad dense enough to protect rugs and floors, yet soft enough to add comfort. It is made of 100% recycled fibers and is mold and mildew resistant as well as odor free. The quality I refer to is a 40 ounce weight, which means that it is thicker and more dense than lower qualities made from similar materials.

The benefits of a 40 ounce felt jute rug pad are great. First, the comfort is exceptional. Second, this pad adds a layer of sound insulation that will help quiet rooms with echoes or rooms above other rooms where each foot step can be heard. Third, this carpet pad will prolong the life of your rug and floor since due to its density, it will act as a solid foundation under your rug and resist possible damage to your floor. Lastly, this pad is non allergenic and, unlike other pads, does not contain any odor from chemicals since it does not contain any chemicals.

If you desire a thicker rug pad under your rug, consider this 40 ounce recycled jute pad as one of the best thick rug pads available. You may find it in better rug and carpet stores and the important thing is to make sure it is made of recycled fibers and is a 40 ounce weight. There are lower weights available yet these will not provide all the benefits of a 40 ounce jute rug pad.

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