Professional Quality Cleaning As a Means of Combating Allergens

There is a very popular trend in home improvement. This trend is both misinformed and borderline fraudulent. This trend insists on removing carpet from your home or place of work as a means of fighting allergies.

In 1973 Sweden stopped installing carpet in new commercial buildings thinking that this was a source of allergic reactions. Over the next 30 years complaints about allergies actually went up 600%.
In my own experience, if my kids start getting the sniffles I know its time to steam clean my carpets.

Studies indicate that dust mite fecal matter causes 25% of all allergies. The fecal matter is so small that it can become airborne and remain so for several hours, as many as 72 hours. Carpet that is cleaned on a regular basis will help to remove these air born bio-pollutants by trapping them within the fibers of the carpet.

Any one who has ever had those ugly black filtration lines underneath doors, furniture or along your baseboard knows this to be true. Carpet will trap air born particulate matter.
But I recommend you put this to the test. Have your carpet steam cleaned at least twice per year for 2 years with water temperatures of at least 140 degrees F. This is the minimum accepted water temperature to kill dust mites.

If you or some one you love is waking up sniffling. There is probably a dust mite infestation in your pillows and mattress. As disturbing as it may sound a queen sized mattress can be home to more than a million dust mites.

These nearly microscopic creatures eat the dead skin that flakes off our body. The average adult looses up to 1.5 grams of dead skin per day!
I am sorry I am getting off topic. In my training and personal experience regular steam cleaning of your carpet and upholstery not only extends the life of your investments, but it also helps to improve your indoor air quality!
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