The Importance of Knowing Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

There are different chemicals for different types of cleaning jobs. It is important to know the chemical makeup of the chemicals that you use for best results and more importantly so you do not damage someone’s carpets.

Most carpet cleaners carry a wide variety of cleaning chemicals in their vans. There are chemicals for hundreds of different stains. The most common forms of chemicals are pre spray. Pre spray is a hard working chemical that breaks down grime and dirt over about 15 minutes. Pre spray is used as a general application to all carpets prior to rinsing. It is important to let the pre spray dwell in the carpet and do its job. There are also extraction agents that are used to rinse out the carpet and the pre spray. They are fast acting chemicals that are used in the solution line.

Then you have a wide variety of spotting chemicals. There are spotting chemicals that are designed for coffee stains, red dye stains, pet odor/damage, traffic areas, grease from food, and paint stains. It is important to understand that one chemical does not fit all. Some carpet cleaning companies use pre spray for every problem they encounter, and this will never work. The chemical makeup of each stain is obviously different from others therefore you need a variety of chemicals to battle different problems.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the type of chemicals being used on various carpet fibers. Some sensitive carpet fibers can be damaged by chemicals, either leaving them discolored or eating away at the material. Some chemicals can void the carpets warranty and force the homeowner to replace the carpets.

It is very important to read the application instructions of your chemicals. Also pay very close attention to what carpet fibers the chemical is designed to work for. The last thing you want to do is damage a homeowner’s carpets.

Quality Floor Cleaner: The Best Way To Keep Restaurant Floors Sparkling Clean

If you are looking for the ideal floor cleaner to keep the floors of your restaurant clean and well maintained, then you have many options available. Carpets and flooring in both hotels and restaurants attract a large amount of dust and dirt because of the heavy, consistent traffic. Using the right type of carpet cleaner can help in removing tough stains and deeply settled dirt from carpets and keep them clean and looking new.

Selecting the perfect floor cleaner for your restaurant carpets can make the cleaning process convenient and easy. A carpet cleaner capable of providing versatility can help you tackle all types of cleaning problems associated with restaurants or hotels, where maintaining hygienic conditions is of utmost importance for the business to succeed. For example, top supplies offer heated carpet extractors that boast powerful extraction capabilities and temperatures up to 210A�F for heightened cleaning power. However, these machines can also be used with non-heated or cold water for heat-sensitive carpet fibers.

A carpet cleaner that uses the latest low-flow techniques can allow restaurants and hotels to be able to use the areas again sooner, as drying times are often around two hours. The best machines available boast carpet drying times as low as two hours and upholstery drying times as low as one!
Using green floor cleaners formula along with proper cleaning equipment can help in providing advanced cleaning solutions for any type of surface. Such green cleaning chemicals do not emit toxic fumes, nor do they cause any harm to the equipment or surface. They are completely biodegradable and safe.

Better yet, green chemicals are available from top online suppliers in a wide variety of formulas to target specific cleaning applications. Top floor cleaning chemicals on the market today include a carpet & upholstery cleaner, a grout tile sealer, a tile & grout cleaner, and more. As you can see, not just carpets can be cleaned effectively with the use of green cleaners & carpet cleaners. Grout tile sealer formulas and tile cleaning solutions are also available for bathrooms floors, kitchen floors, and other areas where tile is the primary floor type.

A good floor cleaner paired with green chemicals from a reputable supplier can help you maintain the hygiene levels of your restaurant at low cost and with a high degree of convenience. The best floor cleaner machines and tile grout sealer solutions, along with other green floor chemicals, will ensure that all dirt, grease, and grime are eliminated from the restaurant premises, giving it a clean and inviting look.

The Best Thick Rug and Carpet Pad

Rug and carpet pads come in various qualities and thicknesses. I am often asked about the best thick rug pad for area rugs. While there are several pads available in certain carpet stores, for area rugs the pad should be denser than commercial carpeting pad. The thick carpet pad that works best for area rugs is a recycled jute that is almost 1/2 of an inch thick.

For rooms with rugs where you would like to add warmth and extra comfort to the step, a quality recycled felt jute rug pad will make a world of difference. The beauty of this pad is that since it does not contain any chemicals, latex or adhesives, it is safe to use under any type of area rug on any type of floor surface. This jute pad is needle punched together to create a pad dense enough to protect rugs and floors, yet soft enough to add comfort. It is made of 100% recycled fibers and is mold and mildew resistant as well as odor free. The quality I refer to is a 40 ounce weight, which means that it is thicker and more dense than lower qualities made from similar materials.

The benefits of a 40 ounce felt jute rug pad are great. First, the comfort is exceptional. Second, this pad adds a layer of sound insulation that will help quiet rooms with echoes or rooms above other rooms where each foot step can be heard. Third, this carpet pad will prolong the life of your rug and floor since due to its density, it will act as a solid foundation under your rug and resist possible damage to your floor. Lastly, this pad is non allergenic and, unlike other pads, does not contain any odor from chemicals since it does not contain any chemicals.

If you desire a thicker rug pad under your rug, consider this 40 ounce recycled jute pad as one of the best thick rug pads available. You may find it in better rug and carpet stores and the important thing is to make sure it is made of recycled fibers and is a 40 ounce weight. There are lower weights available yet these will not provide all the benefits of a 40 ounce jute rug pad.

Professional Quality Cleaning As a Means of Combating Allergens

There is a very popular trend in home improvement. This trend is both misinformed and borderline fraudulent. This trend insists on removing carpet from your home or place of work as a means of fighting allergies.

In 1973 Sweden stopped installing carpet in new commercial buildings thinking that this was a source of allergic reactions. Over the next 30 years complaints about allergies actually went up 600%.
In my own experience, if my kids start getting the sniffles I know its time to steam clean my carpets.

Studies indicate that dust mite fecal matter causes 25% of all allergies. The fecal matter is so small that it can become airborne and remain so for several hours, as many as 72 hours. Carpet that is cleaned on a regular basis will help to remove these air born bio-pollutants by trapping them within the fibers of the carpet.

Any one who has ever had those ugly black filtration lines underneath doors, furniture or along your baseboard knows this to be true. Carpet will trap air born particulate matter.
But I recommend you put this to the test. Have your carpet steam cleaned at least twice per year for 2 years with water temperatures of at least 140 degrees F. This is the minimum accepted water temperature to kill dust mites.

If you or some one you love is waking up sniffling. There is probably a dust mite infestation in your pillows and mattress. As disturbing as it may sound a queen sized mattress can be home to more than a million dust mites.

These nearly microscopic creatures eat the dead skin that flakes off our body. The average adult looses up to 1.5 grams of dead skin per day!
I am sorry I am getting off topic. In my training and personal experience regular steam cleaning of your carpet and upholstery not only extends the life of your investments, but it also helps to improve your indoor air quality!
Jay Jetty
Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas