Picking the Best Flooring for Your Home

When building, remodeling or expanding upon your home, you’ll have to take a moment to decide on what kind of flooring you want. You have a lot of options. You’ll find dozens, hundreds, even thousands of different types and colors and patterns of carpet in Long Branch alone, and flooring offers thousands more options. Luckily, you need only ask yourself a few quick questions in order to narrow it down to a more manageable list of choices.

Carpet or Hardwood?
The first thing to consider is whether you want to employ carpeting or hardwood. Of course, if it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, you’re probably going to be using tile, but assuming that you’re talking about a bedroom, living room, a loft, a dining room, carpeting and hardwood are equally valid options.

Consider the pros and cons of each. Carpeting is easier to walk on barefoot, for instance. Hardwood flooring in Long Branch allows you to leave the floor uncovered in the summer and throw out a rug for better warmth in the winter.

Hardwood flooring is easier to clean, but tends to wear down more quickly if you’re using it in a high-foot-traffic part of the house, like, say, a hallway. This is why you’ll often see living rooms that use a mix of carpeting and hardwood flooring. Hardwood also requires waxing now and then, while carpeting requires shampooing.

Most people prefer the warmth and softness of carpet for their bedrooms, while preferring easier-to-clean hardwood for the dining room, but in truth, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people dream of hardwood flooring for their bedroom, or prefer a lush, thick carpet for their dining room. It’s up to you.

Selecting Your Style
Now that you’ve settled on a type of flooring, you’ll have to pick your style, your color. Now, before you even begin shopping for flooring in Long Branch, understand that it really comes down to personal preference here more than anywhere else.

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to lead you towards a more fitting choice, but those tips and tricks are there as guidelines, not as rules. Interior decorators follow rules so as to improve their odds of meeting their clients’ demands, but if you’re doing your own decorating, you can do whatever you please as long as it makes you happy.

That said, one of the basic guidelines is to choose one color for your room, and then bounce the other colors off of it. If you already have a deep red hardwood flooring in place, for instance, you might use corral walls to give the whole room a warm feeling, or you might contrast it with an eggshell or off-white color. If you have light green walls, you might go for a dark green carpet to complement it.

There are a few different ways to match colors. You can use them to complement one another, for instance, blue walls that bring out the blue in your blue-green carpeting, or you can contrast, an extreme example being black flooring with white walls, or red carpeting and green walls, etc.
Decide whether or not you’re willing to repaint your walls for your flooring. If not, then select flooring to match the walls. Otherwise, use your new flooring as an excuse to redecorate the whole room. The bottom line is really just to find the style you like and stick with it.

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