Cleaning Carpets

The benefit and problems of carpets go hand in hand. They are perfectly designed to make a room look attractive but at the same time their very nature helps hide dirt, dust and grime. If you have a laminate floor or ceramic tiled kitchen, you probably do not give that a sweep and mop once a week, however regularly cleaning your carpets keeps them and your home looking and smelling fresh, it gives them a longer lifespan and ensures they do not become a home to germs and allergy causing substances.

It is advised that under normal conditions, where there are no children, pets or smokers in the house, carpets should be vacuumed weekly and deep cleaned at least once a year. Households with kids, smokers or pets and allergy sufferers are advised to vacuum more often.

Whether you decide to clean your flooring yourself or hire a professional carpet-cleaning contractor, the four most common options you will be faced with are:-
Steam cleaning – pressurised steam mixed with shampoo are forced into the fibres of carpets, lifting dirt and cleaning throughout.

Dry carpet cleaning – a wet chemical cleaning agent is applied and once dried, the dirt is vacuumed away. The agents used are either shampoo or polymer compound, which absorbs grime.

Bonnet cleaning – uses an absorbent pad that rotates and agitates the dirt and carries it away. If you hire a company check whether they use optical brighteners as these can sometimes damage carpets.

Vacuuming – the most common and regular way to clean carpets, it should be done about twice a week and not rushed so as to ensure dirt is picked up.

Before undertaking any serious deep cleaning of your carpets it is always advisable to consult a professional carpet maintenance company and find out which system best suits your carpets. Irreparable damage can easily be done to flooring by using an inappropriate method.

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