Man’s Best Friend – Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Remember that popular phrase from the 80’s s**t happens? Well, if you own a dog, then it does happen, literally. If your dog sleeps inside your home at night, chances are you’ll wake up to a present on your carpet sooner or later. How can you minimize these chances for your beloved animal? While not exhaustive, this list might keep your carpets cleaner, longer:
Keep abreast of changes in your dog’s diet. If you happen to change the kind, brand, or type of food you feed your dog, make sure to monitor your dog closely during the first few days. Most dogs’ digestive systems take a bit of time to adjust to new food, if they need to go more often, make sure they can make it outside beforehand.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom? Don’t forget to let your dog outside for a bit just before you go to sleep. If there is no way for your dog to let itself out during the night, like you, they might have a hard time holding it till sunrise.

Make sure to close all of your bedroom, bathroom, closet doors, any door to a room with carpet in it. Dogs usually have a preferred place to relieve themselves, if you can lockout or confine them to an area without carpet, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Products like “puppy training pads” contain a scent that attracts and encourages dogs to relieve themselves on them. If you’re going to be away from your house for a considerable amount of time, or if you’ve recently changed your dog’s diet, place one (or, a couple if you have a large dog) of these pads down on someplace away from a carpeted area in case your dog can hold it.

Give your dog love. It’s possible your dog might be going in your home to tell you something, “Pay attention to me!” If this is the case, a little love an affection might prevent your dog from trying to get your attention in other, undesirable ways.

It’s probably safe to assume your dog harbors no ill will against your beloved carpet and rugs (although, perhaps your dog does indeed teem with malicious intent), so anything you can do to help him or her will benefit the both of you. Again, with a little bit of foresight on your behalf, you can prevent the kind of accident that wreaks havoc on your carpet.

Are You Going to Love Your Carpet Steam Cleaning Machine or Regret the Purchase?

Having a nice, clean carpet is wonderful. It feels good on your feet when you walk on it, and you don’t feel embarrassed about stains when company comes over. Buying your own carpet steam cleaning machine may seem like a big step compared to renting one or hiring professionals to clean your carpet, but it might be one of the best purchases you’ve made in a while.
The first thing you need to do is some research to make sure you won’t regret your purchase. Online reviews on sites such as Amazon are a great place to start. There are usually good and bad opinions about every carpet steam cleaning machine out there, which gives you a feel for how often a particular machine has problems. You also get to hear about whether particular features are worth paying extra for or if you could easily live without them.

In general, there are two things you need from your carpet steam cleaning machine. It needs to scrub your carpet well with the hot water you put into it. Then it needs to remove the water effectively so your carpet dries quickly.
How well the machine scrubs your carpet is important because that’s what will help the hot water and detergent get the stains and unseen dirt out of your carpet. You don’t want it to scrub your carpet to pieces or anything, but when you have stains, you want them gone. You don’t want to have to get down on your hands and knees to work at it. You want the machine to do the work for you, and to do it well.

A part of this is how hot it gets the water and how effective the detergent is. Most machines made specifically for cleaning carpets don’t actually produce steam, and heat the water only to a certain degree. You can usually safely put in hot water to make it work most effectively.
It’s nice if you can control how much detergent it uses. Most of your carpet won’t need a lot of detergent. In fact, using a lot of detergent means more work for you, as you need to get it out. Leftover detergent in the carpet will attract more dirt, making your carpets appear dirty much sooner than if the detergent was successfully removed. Any place on the carpet where you need to use more detergent, make sure you do a really good plain water rinse to get the excess out. This will help to keep your carpet looking better a little longer. How long depends on factors beyond the control of your steam cleaning machine.

You also need the water pulled back out of the carpet effectively. This helps your carpet dry sooner and protects the padding and flooring beneath the carpet. Too much moisture can lead to mold growth or ruin the flooring under the carpet. Wood flooring in particular is susceptible to excess moisture problems.

This is in part the machine’s job and partially your job. The machine sucks the water up, but you have to give it the time to do it’s work. If you move too fast, it’s not going to pull that water back up. Slow and steady is the name of the game. If you can still see the water being pulled up, the carpet is too wet.
Beyond these features, there are some nice extras which you may or may not want. Keep in mind what you’re really after as you shop and read reviews, and don’t pay for features you don’t need.

Keep Your Home Clean With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people think that if you have allergies or asthma, carpet is out of the question. Some even go so far as to remove them from their home if they start experiencing breathing difficulties. However, such extreme measures are usually unnecessary. It has been proven that carpet that is kept in good condition can actually yield better air quality than hard flooring. Call a carpet cleaning service today to eliminate the dust and allergens from your carpet. Create a cleaner, uncontaminated environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Carpet cleaning will also extend the life of your carpet. Get the most out of your investment and contact a cleaning service now.
Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning techniques are not as effective as professional cleaning methods. Professional carpet cleaning services will save you not only time and money, but also a great deal of headache. Cleaning your own carpets can result in damaging them. It is virtually impossible for do-it-yourselfers to avoid over-shampooing and over-wetting the carpet depending on which technique they choose. Over-shampooing or not completely rinsing your carpet can attract more dirt to you carpet. Over-wetting a carpet is a more serious issue. If the padding gets wet and is not dried, mold and mildew will multiply, causing health issues for you. Over-wetting can also lead a carpet to shrink and literally pull itself up off the floor. Finally, discoloration can occur. Discoloration can also occur when furniture comes into contact with wet carpet. Because do-it-yourselfers don’t have the same tools as professional carpet cleaners to keep the furniture off the carpet, major staining can occur. Wooden furniture can release dyes and metal furniture can rust, resulting in unwanted marks on your flooring.

Hire a professional rug cleaner and get the job done right. Don’t risk your flooring by trying to wash your own carpets. Trained carpet cleaners can eliminate the hassle and the dangers that accompany carpet cleaning.

Carpet Or Hard-Surface Flooring, Which is Really Best?

The answer might surprise you. Many homeowners are learning how expensive shortsightedness can be. However, many others still don’t know the whole story: For roughly 10 years, the popularity of hard-surface floors were abounding as carpet sales dropped. However, for the last three years, carpet sales have been on the rise again. Why the turnaround?

The two primary reasons many people went to hard surfaces were:
1. Ease of maintenance. Sweep it, mop it, and forget it… so they thought. And with hard surfaces, they no longer had to endure the ugly, dirty pathways associated with carpeting.

2. Once hard surfaces were installed, they no longer had to be concerned with replacing them, at least not for a very long time.
So, the additional expense seemed worth it. However, once they had spent far more money (than carpet) buying stone, ceramic tile, hardwood and other hard surface types, many people found that their insights were not all that insightful: They discovered that:

1. Hard surface floors accumulate soils just like carpeting. They found that many hard surface types were just as difficult (if not more) to clean than carpet. Simply mopping the floors didn’t remove the ugly dirt that had collected in crevices and grout lines.
2. They now had a noise pollution problem in their homes. Quieter, previously-carpeted rooms suddenly became nosier because hard surfaces didn’t absorb sound.
3. The likelihood of physical injuries from falls was greater, having no carpet and pad, no softness under foot, to fall upon. And they found that there were more falls from coming indoors with damp shoe leather on rainy days. Children and the elderly were injured most commonly.
4. There were no excessively soiled carpet pathways, however now the soils were distributed equally all over the house.
5. Indoor air quality had dropped, and allergy problems increased significantly. Air currents created by foot traffic and air handling systems stirred settled dust back into the air, while carpeting did a better job of holding it in place. They found that they couldn’t sweep their hard surfaces but had to mop, because sweeping stirred dust into the air.
6. Due to #5 flooring maintenance increased from a weekly vacuum of carpets to a daily need to sweep or swiffer the hard surface flooring. Additionally costs to maintain air ducts and filters also increased.
7. When it became time to have a professional deal with hard floor cleaning or restoring they also discovered that the costs of such procedures were much higher than maintaining carpeting.
While their hard surfaces endured longer than carpet; when people got bored of the same décor changing out the expensive hard surface flooring was going to be a costly venture. Yes, they could buy new furniture and drapes but these new furnishing somehow didn’t look all that new in a room with old floors (that they were tired of looking at but had spent untold thousands more to install or replace compared to carpeting).
In hind-sight it appears that carpeting offers far more advantages than hard surfaces, which explains the increase in carpet sales. Still, it’s also obvious that hard or soft there is no final solution to the floor-maintenance problem.

We must accept the fact that whatever covers the floor has to be cleaned and should be cleaned properly. Furthermore, proper maintenance is no job for a ‘handyman.’ It requires knowledge, expertise and caring.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning method is a very popular cleaning procedure and they are also widely used. This method is preferable than any other solutions. It takes only around one hour to dry the stained stiff after cleansing. This quick drying property of dry cleaning helps to reduce the potential problems that can cause to our materials. These problems include carpet stretching, shrinkage, mold, mildew, etc. By reducing these problems, we can make our environment healthy.

This procedure uses no water to clean the stained materials. This low moisture stain removal technique helps to prevent the spreading of stains. It demands only a small amount of labor power for cleaning the stained stuffs. Encapsulation, bonnet and usage of dry compound are the methods that come under the dry cleaning technique. When we use the encapsulation method, drying time of the residue that used in it will be short. This makes the cleaning attempt to become satisfactory. This dried residue fetches out all the dirt,soil, and micro organisms along with it. Bonnet method uses a club soda mixed with the cleanser to provide a deep cleaning. So it is not a perfect dry cleaning procedure.

The main disadvantage of dry cleansing is that it can remove only small amount of soil when compared to others. It is due to the usage of less quantity of water. Dry cleaning method takes only 3 gallons of water for its stain removal. Sometime, it takes longer time for performance and thus it results in the loss of our money.

Color Healing – Fun Ways To Use Color

Color healing is a such a fun topic… you can have lots of adventures and lots of joy with using color in a conscious way. One of the fun ways that you can use color is to go to the fabric store and get the 7 colors of the rainbow. That’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet.

Buy those colors in chiffon… the finest fabric that you can buy… and buy a metre square of each of the colors and you can either get them edged with an overlocker or roll them over and sew them yourself. It’s probably best if you do something with them.

Then experiment with how you feel when you meditate under these colors. You’ll notice that the different colors will create a different vibration in your being… as you meditate under them.

So… that’s one of the fun things that you can do with color.
What you’ll notice is that depending on the color that you are wearing or your room is decorated in… or the sheets that you sleep in… they all affect your energy… your emotions… your well being.

The Power Of Pink
I’ve got a really cool story to tell you.
A girl I worked with her grandmother was in hospital and they called all the family because they said, “Look she’s not going to make it another day. Come and say your goodbyes.”

When the family got there… grandma said, “I want new pink slippers, I want new pink pyjamas or nightie, new pink dressing gown, I want a pink toothbrush.”
It was all pink… and everyone just looked at each other and said, “Do you really think that’s necessary?”
She said, “Yes, I want it… and I want it now.”
Because it was her last wish… they went out and they bought all these beautiful pink things for her and she put them all on.
I forgot to mention, when someone is about to die they get this really grey color about them and she was very grey. She had the death rattle… she really was in the last stages of the dying process. So the family went off home. It was evening… and they didn’t know if they were going to get a phone call during the night to say that she had passed.
In the morning, she woke up… she had roses in her cheeks. She was vital and vibrant… and she was completely transformed. It was like she had a new lease of life.

She says that it was all the pink.
The color pink represents love, right? So she felt that she was just loving herself with all this pink vibration and let me tell you… since I heard that story I always take pink with me when I go to hospital.
You know… was it the pink that transformed her and gave her a new lease of life? I don’t know.

But… it’s actually worth experimenting with.
Decorating Your Room – The Power Of Color
Another thing that I have done recently… I renovated my office and I put royal blue carpet in my office. And I put a lot of blue things in my office to match with the carpet… because I’m turning it into a meditation space as well as my office.

So, it has two purposes… and I have to tell you, that since the blue carpet and all the blue things have been in my office I feel more peaceful. I feel more content. I feel like my life is flowing in a more focused direction.
Now… is that the carpet? Or is it just that I have just got my act together and I’m more focused? I don’t know. But… there was a significant change in how I felt about my projects after I put the blue carpet down.
I’m being exposed to this blue vibration everyday… and I love it.

Yellow For Nerves
So… have a think about what it is that you are doing with color and how that can affect you. Now from memory… if you wear yellow, that is having a direct impact on your nervous system. If you have a nervous disposition, or you are having nerve problems in your body – wear yellow.
If you don’t want to wear yellow during the day – wear it as your sheets at night… or as your pyjamas… or as your laze around the house clothes if you don’t want anyone to see you in yellow.

Green For Healing
I use emerald green for setting the healing that I do when I do a creative visualization on a certain part of the body… so, if I feel that I need healing in any way… I wear my emerald green colors.

Carpet Cleaning – Easy Steps to Buy a Franchise

Everyone has a dream to be his own boss, but they have no idea where to start and it need capital investment. If this is the case with you then carpet cleaning franchise is a much better option for you. People think that buying a franchise is very difficult but this is not true. There are three main ways to purchase a carpet cleaning franchise. First you need to visit the franchise and actual purchase then training for the particular work. If you go for with steps by step process then you can simplify this confusing procedure.

Conducting Interview – All carpet cleaning franchises will have an interview to determine to be a franchisee. Many carpet cleaning franchises prefer that the person should be from business background but some are very confident that they can train the people to perform the task. The franchise provider will helps you to determine the business for a particular area and also help you for marketing.

Franchise Buying Process – This is the next step in which actual buying of franchise would be done. There are some franchises which also provide the finance facility by allowing you to deposit fewer down payments. The purchase price of franchise will include cleaning equipments cost, the franchise fee and fee for ongoing royalties. The franchise fee includes all the expenses including raining fee, royalty charges.

Training Schedule is set – This is the last step in which training schedule will be set. Mostly carpet cleaning franchise has good training schedule about 1 to 3 weeks. In this training period they will teach you that how they work and how to use equipments and new methods which are used by the company. They explain you all the marketing strategy which they are using for the business.

First Steps in Rug-Carpet Cleaning

Rug-carpet cleaning is a very crucial part of keeping your house, office and business establishment clean, sound and beautiful. Normal day-to-day traffic may take a toll on a rug and furnishings inducing them to lose their luster. A cleaning utilizing superior techniques can restore your now dismal looking property. It can help regenerate those brilliant colors and lines you recollect the beginning time you saw them. Nothing feels better than fresh rugs, carpeting and article of furniture.

Rug-carpet cleaning is ascertained by the type of rug to be cleansed. Many rugs can be cleansed utilizing water extraction in the person’s home. More expensive rugs, like oriental or Persian rugs require a bit more care and tending. You need to take your time to vacuum the rug front and back a lot of times over to take out as much dirt as conceivable before detergents are utilized.

Although many rugs are a hundred % wool, a lot of rugs are machine-made olefin or nylon carpets. All fiber forms must be cleansed differently. Each fibre bears its own features and cleansing requirements. When you have the carpets cleaned it needs to be determined whether the rug is hand-crafted or machine-made. If the rug is hand-crafted it also needs to be examined for unique fluctuations of color in the rug that may become more visible after cleansing. Once again Before a hand-crafted rug-carpet cleaning takes place one must make sure to remove as much dirt as conceivable. Many area rugs have an exceedingly thick pile, which tend to snare big amounts of dirt. Using a commercial vacuum system and vacuuming the rug multiple times till debris and dirt has been entirely gotten rid of is the best way to handle the cleaning.

Rug-carpet cleaning is important. Whether you do it yourself or employ a pro, one of these days we should all consider getting it done. The best thing you are able to do to prevent needing rug cleaning more often is to remain on top of matters by vacuum-cleaning on a regular basis. Even if you do not see anything on your carpet or rugs, they’re collecting grime and debris which will make them dingy. We have all witnessed what a rug that has been hiding under a couch looks like. Even though the balance of the rug may appear fine, when we discover the more brilliant, lighter color of the segment that’s been hiding out under the couch, we recognize how dingy the rest of it is. Debris and grime settle onto rugs day-after-day. You might not see it but once you vacuum you’re sucking all this up.

Rug-carpet cleaning is an investment which easily pays for itself with the widened years of use you will receive with your rug. If you do your research you will be able to find someone who is a specialist rug cleaner and regardless what the stain is or how big or deep it is, they’ll aim to remove it with the minimal hassle and cost.

Avoid Cheap Carpet Cleaning to Save Your Sanity and Money

For most of us at home our carpets are our pride and joy. They’re one of the first things somebody sees when entering our home. No wonder that we want them to be clean and neat at all times.

However we often realize that finding a good carpet cleaning service is quite challenging. When we know there is a guest coming soon, we rush to have a good cleaning done. This is when we quickly call various services and ask for prices and how fast can they do the job. And this is where most of us fail and get a bad job done to our carpets.

Looking for cheap carpet cleaning proves to be often times the wrong way to go about. We’re saving money in one place only to realize later on that we have to spend more on buying a new piece or needing a better cleaning service as the previous one failed us.

There is a fierce competition out there between the various cleaners out there and most of them are undercutting on price so they get most customers. However this means that they get a rush job done quite badly, since they are not getting paid enough.

So when you want to hire a carpet cleaning crew, don’t go for the cheapest one, but go for the one which has the best reviews all around. Ask your friends, ask your neighbours, ask your relatives and get references from them. If somebody had good experiences with these services, they’ll be quick to tell you, so you will be safe in the knowledge that you get a good service for a decent price, and you won’t get a rush-rush job that will destroy your floor covering in the process.
If you ask me, however, I’ve found the best solution last year and never looked back. Instead of employing any of these services (that cost a mini fortune, let’s be honest), I bought my own little McCulloch steam cleaner and I’m using that to clean all my floor coverings. Not only that but I can also clean with it upholstery, window coverings and even garments. And while initially there was an upfront investment when I bought it, I don’t have to keep paying every time I need my carpets cleaned. All I need to do is take out my steam cleaner and do the job in a jiffy.

3 Ways to Stop Your Cat Peeing On The Carpet

A cat that pees on your carpet for seemingly no reason whatsoever is enough to drive you crazy.A
Nobody wants to admit that their little feline friend isn’t so well-behaved when it comes to their toilet manners. It’s a painful reality and you’re willing to try just about anything to make it stop.
I know because the same thing happened to me.

My wife and I had our little cat for several years before things took a turn for the worse. He was never a cat to pee on the carpet or to misbehave in even the slightest way. A certain event took place in our lives that seemed to trigger something in his brain.

What was the event? We got a dog.
Until we brought our dog home from the SPCA, our cat was the king of the castle. He was not impressed at this intruder to his domain. He expressed his displeasure with his bladder and promptly peed on the carpet.
Every single day.
We tried everything we could think of to put a stop to it and of all the things we tried, 3 changes seemed to make a difference.
Firstly, we started paying him a lot more attention. He quite clearly was jealous about the dog and was in need of some good old tender loving care.
Then we picked him up a covered litter box instead of an open-style to give him some privacy. He was never concerned about humans snooping around his litter box but the dog was a different matter entirely.
The last thing we did was bring him in to the vet to get him a checkup. It turned out that he had developed a urinary tract infection and needed to be put on a special diet until it cleared up.

These 3 things helped put a stop to our cat peeing on the carpet but not before he’d done a significant amount of damage to the floors. This is why it’s so important to take action as soon as you find your cat peeing outside the litter box.